1-ephesians-4-body-of-christHere is an article that might be of interest to you from a blog called “creating sacred communities” which describes itself as follows:

This blog is about community and what makes it sacred.  Communities can be messy.  They can also be Holy.  By looking at topics of family, religion, and leadership, this blog strives to be an authentic conversation partner in a world that is hungry for sacred communities.  As a Presbyterian minister, I am especially interested in what makes the church sacred. As a mother, I am in interested in what makes the family community sacred.  As a child of God, I am interested in what makes our global community sacred. I hope this blog provides some space for joy and contemplation in your daily walk.

Peace Joan Jeffers

On Thursday evening I scrolled through my Facebook posts and saw many of my colleagues and friends celebrating the Presbyterian Church (USA’s) resounding vote on marriage…

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Source: The Double Bind: A Pastoral Response to the Presbyterian Church | creating sacred communities