Information for Visiting Ministers performing Weddings in Nevada Presbytery

How do I get presbytery permission to celebrate a wedding?

Nevada Presbytery no longer grants these approvals. Ministers only need to fulfill the requirements of the state where the ceremony takes place. Nevada Presbytery does not expect notification from visiting ministers celebrating marriages.

What are the requirements for celebrating weddings in Nevada?

Authorizations to perform marriages are filed at the County level. The Secretary of State maintains a list of marriage officiants in the state of Nevada who have been licensed and approved, or who have been temporarily licensed, by the state’s county clerks.

If you wish to obtain information on how obtain a certificate to perform a marriage or verify a marriage officiant, please contact the County Clerk in the county where the officiant resides.

For a complete County Clerks list, click here. Las Vegas is in Clark County which has their information here some of which applies to other counties as well.

Statutes and Regulations governing marriage in the State of Nevada can be found under NRS 122.

from the Secretary of State and Clark County websites, March, 2016

What are the requirements for celebrating weddings in California?

Nevada Presbytery does not approve officiants for weddings nor require any notice. California does not approve or register officiants, so if you are approved by Presbytery, you’re approved by the state. Basically, officiants have to review the license and then file the forms with County recorder within 10 days.

This is not legal advice! Check out the official FAQ here.

from the California Department of Public Health website, March, 2016