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2025 Decision Guide for Minister Benefits

The 2025 Decision Guide for Minister Benefits can help determine eligibility and costs for dues packages: Congregational Pastors Package, Transitional Pastor’s Participation, and the Covenant Package.

Covenant Package for Employees

Any employee working 20 hours or more per week may be eligible for this income protection package, regardless of ordination

  • Defined Benefit Pension Plan
  • Death and Disability Plan
  • Temporary Disability Plan
  • Employee Assistance Plan
  • access to assistance and education programs

Congregational Pastors Package

The Congregational Pastors Package is required for installed pastors and may be offered to congregational pastoral leaders scheduled to work 20 hours or more weekly, including PC(USA) ministers and commissioned pastors (CRE)

Previous Plan (below) is available for up to the next three years to transition to the above.

Transitional Pastor’s Participation

Transitional Pastor’s Participation is available to employers who have a minister in Pastor’s Participation as of Dec. 31, 2024, to transition from the current dues structure to the new one.

Transitional Pastor’s Participation continues the noncontributory dues structure of Pastor’s Participation as a percentage of effective salary through Dec. 31, 2027, subject to cost increases.