Policies and Procedures

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Policies and procedures of the Presbytery along with Handbooks and Guides

Administrative Manual

The Bylaws, Standing Rules and Policy Statements, including their appendices, makes up this Presbytery Administrative Manual.

Policies – Manual of Operations

Policies concerning: Per Capita Apportionment, Study Leave, Minimum Salary, Temporary Pastors, Expenses for Presbytery & Committee Meetings, Pastoral Changes, Young Adult Advisory Delegates, Special Offerings, Church Indebtedness, Prevention of Sexual Misconduct, Hiring of Church Staff, Appointing Special Investigating Committee, Policy Review, Alternate Commissioners to General Assembly, When a Pastor Leaves a Call, Accounting Principles, Electronic Voting, Procedure for Accepting Pastors -any Denomination, Conference Calls, Committee Chairs, Inquire/Candidate Indebtedness, Ordination Standards, Website

Standing Rules – Manual of Administrative Operations

The Bylaws of the Presbytery of Nevada were adopted by the presbytery and became effective on July 12, 1909. The Bylaws of the Presbytery of Nevada are subject to the Constitution and laws of the State of Nevada and the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) which is the Book of Order.

Articles of Incorporation

The Presbytery of Nevada 1909 incorporation papers. “…to promote the spread of the Christian religion; to promote and provide for Christian education; to promote and establish such charitable and benevolent enterprises…”