The primary task of the conference is to learn by studying the exercise of authority and leadership in the temporary system we create together.

Whether we work with individuals or in groups, we are all part of a larger system. In this conference, we will have a unique opportunity to pay attention not only to individual and interpersonal relations, but also to group-as-a-whole and system dynamics and how they impact our work.

This will be an intensive, residential conference intended to expand your awareness and deepen your capacity to provide care.

The conference is experiential in nature. This simply means that people learn from their experience by being in groups of various sizes and compositions and it requires participants’ active participation.

Over three days we will create a temporary learning organization offering an opportunity to notice how we function in groups and the institutions in which we work—without the pressures and politics of the actual workplace. In this unique environment, insights can be developed that help increase our influence and effectiveness.

The Power of Presence is co-sponsored by the Nautilus Pacific Chapter of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP) and Grex, the West Coast affiliate of the A. K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems.

Our own Rev. Ed Luckett, Jr. is one of the nine presenters. 

The conference is especially suited for people in the helping professions in general and CPSP members in particular.

For a more in-depth presentation of the purpose, structure, and preliminary schedule of this conference, go to: