Emily Fonder of the First Presbyterian Church in Elko has stepped up to fill an unexpected vacancy in our Presbytery as Young Adult Advisory Delegate (YAAD) to General Assembly. She has a strong heart for the Lord and has served the Elko congregation as a two-term youth elder, youth deacon, and Vacation Bible School teacher. In 2016, Emily enjoyed the PCUSA Youth Triennium.
I would be honored to participate at General Assembly.
– Emily Fonder

Young Adult Advisory Delegates (YAAD) are persons who are members of the PC(USA), between the ages of 17 and 23. Each of the 173 presbyteries elects a young adult advisory delegate.

There are four categories of advisory delegates with the Young Adult Advisory Delegates being one. These persons are given the right to speak in assembly meetings to present views that are not usually represented by the commissioners. They may not present motions or vote in meetings of the General Assembly, but they are polled before the commissioners vote on most items of business. They do have both voice and vote in the work of the assembly committees.

The 223rd General Assembly (2018) will be held in St. Louis, Missouri –  June 16 – 23, 2018