Preaching Pastors Retreats

Tripp Hudgins is the Keynote Speaker for the April/May Preaching Pastors Retreat.

What is the Word of God to the people of God in such a times as ours? Driven by algorithms and the endless news cycle, it seems as if our society is fragmenting in every possible way. How might the contemporary church model solidarity as an alternative to fracture? This preaching conference will focus on how one preaches during times of social conflict, specifically our present American conflict. Topics such as white supremacy, privilege, Post-Christendom, and the presence of people who hold vastly differing world views – yes, even from the preacher – in the same congregation will be addressed. A work to the wise: No one person has the answers to these questions. Come prepared to work with one another and, likely, have uncomfortable conversations.

Tripp is a husband and father, who lives in Berkeley, CA. He presently serves as the Bogard Teaching Fellow at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific as an instructor in Homiletics and Liturgy. His dissertation work is on Liturgy and Ethnomusicology, specifically how the public performance of a concert becomes the work of, for, and by the people we call Liturgy. As a preaching pastor and musician, he had served in the local parish, in ecumenical settings, as well as events such as The Wild Goose Festival. When not busy doing one of these things, he can be found in the family kitchen making biscuits for his young son. His wife is tired of eating biscuits.

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