Our first Presbytery mission trip to Baton Rouge LA was from June 25 – July 1. We served with Presbyterian Disaster assistance, and our local partners “Rebuilding Together” Baton Rouge. We had a total of 16 people serve, Rob Merriman from Grace Pres, Rev. Tom Holslag, from Elko First, and Molly Willoughby from St. Johns, Reno, and 13 people from Green Valley. Our gracious hosts where the folks of University Presbyterian Church, Baton Rouge.

You should be very proud of this team; our goal was to go with a spirit of humility and partner alongside whatever God was already doing in the community of Baton Rouge and that’s what they did. We had the opportunity to serve at two homes, we did everything from cutting and installing base board, caulking the base boards, and crown molding, painting, hanging doors, they even laid some tile among other tasks. We did get to meet one of the home owners, her name is Kenya and she loved to hug each, and every person for helping get her home finished. Probably the most valuable thing we did was listen to Kenya’s story. The team knew that nothing would be more important than if a survivor wanted to talk they should put down their tool and just be present with them.

On behalf of the team I would like to thank the amazing folks of Mission Outreach and Equipping ministries for you very generous donation totaling $7,000.00 dollars. Thank you to Joan Jeffers for delegating the offering in the amount of $1,492.00 to this mission as well.

The estimated cost per person was $734.00. Thanks to your generosity the funds covered $521.78 per person leaving only $212.00 out of pocket or fundraised.

Grace and Peace,
Renee Kelly
Youth Mission Coordinator, Presbytery of Nevada
Micah 6:8