David Staniunas

On Tuesday, September 22nd at Zephyr Point Conference Center, David Staniunas, an archivist from the National Archives of the PC(USA), will be leading a program on Records for Administrative Professionals and Clerks of Session.

Clerks face those issues of what they need to keep, how long they need to keep it, what can be stored at the Presbyterian Historical Society for what cost, What changes do email and other electronic communication bring to the clerk’s responsibility? This program will provide you with guidance on these issues so that you can better protect the records that are so pertinent to the church.

We are investing in clerks because we want them to know how important Clerks are to us.  We want to give them the best chance at success. – Joan Jeffers, Stated Clerk

The Presbytery will be hosting a lunch so that David can get to know the clerks personally thereby creating a connection that makes it easier for them to contact him when they have problems. We hope clerks will make every effort to attend this important NO COST program provided by the Presbytery. Contact our clerk, Joan Jeffers, about transportation and lodging needs.

Please complete the registration form and return or call the Presbytery Clerk with your information.

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