Call to Prayer! Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Mission Trip

The following news is from the Green Valley Vision, the newsletter for Green Valley Presbyterian Church.  Unless otherwise noted team members below are from Green Valley Presbyterian Church.

A special thanks to Renee Kelly, Director of Youth Ministries at GVPC who is coordinator for the trip.

Please pray for our Missionaries as well as the folks we are going to serve.  Prayers for traveling mercies, and that the teams would be a beacon of hope to a suffering community.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana ~ Flood Relief Mission Trip, June 25 – July 1, 2017. Our Presbyterian Disaster Assistance team members are as follows: David Doll, Kassandra and Vee Gonzalez, Rev. Tom Holslag (Elko, First Presbyterian), Corey and Renee Kelly, Anika, Janel, William and Debbie Meldrum, Rob Merriman (Grace Presbyterian), Rod and Sam Pope, Alexis Sim, Molly Willoughby (St John’s, Reno) and Ben Wyllie.