Interim Pastor Jeanie Shaw and members of Truckee Lutheran Presbyterian Church working Disaster Response Ministries serving with CEPAD in Nicaragua, a mission that both the Presbyterian Church and the Lutheran Church have supported since its founding in 1972 phone home Sunday, February 19 to share in the worship service at Truckee Lutheran Presbyterian Church.

The group’s first project is serving at the lnstituto Dr. Marcos Antonio Mendieta Roja. The school is located in beautiful Leon, Nicaragua.The school is two blocks off the plaza and serves children from Kindergarten through High School. They are painting, installing fans, and helping with their computer lab. In addition, to bringing laptop computers and new backpacks for the school, they are attending classes with the students and even teaching a class or two.

Their second project is serving the village of Las Huertas in San Francisco Libre – the poorest district of Nicaragua. There are eleven families in Las Huertas and we are partnering with them constructing irrigation, planting a community garden, providing solar cookers, and contributing baseball equipment. They also get to hang out with these precious people and even play baseball!