Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We awoke this morning to yet another horrific tragedy in our beloved nation. This time it is the city of Dallas, Texas that is at the center of a brutal attack on those charged with protecting and saving lives. Our hearts ache for the police officers who were gunned down in violence motivated by anger, hatred and retribution.

We live in a country that appears to be more divided than ever before. It seems we are losing the ability to disagree or work out our differences without polarization, hateful words and violence.

Our world is in desperate need of hearing the gospel – words of reconciliation, hope, justice, forgiveness and grace. Peace can only come through Jesus Christ, who taught us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. (Matthew 5:44).

Let us join in praying for the families of those who have been killed, for those injured in hospitals and recovering at home. Let us pray for police officers in our own communities and for their families. Let us pray for those who feel that their voices are not being heard, and yes, let us pray for those we may consider our “enemies.”

I offer the following prayers for personal use or for use in corporate worship.

Praying with you, Pastor Hilda

Prayers for Comfort ???? Police Officers ???? At a Time of Tragedy
Peace, Racial and Cultural Diversity ???? The Human Family