OrlandoPrayerCarIt has been almost a week since the horrific shooting in Orlando took place.  In that time we have learned more about the 49 beautiful people whose lives that were violently and tragically taken, the 53 who were injured and remain in hospitals or are recovering at home, and about the man responsible for this unspeakable act.

All week we have listened to news stories and commentary that have tried to make sense of how something like this could have happened, what motivated the killer, how it might have been averted, who is to blame, how we can prevent further senseless violence, etc.

There are many more questions than answers.

OrlandoPrayerWomanIn the coming days, as we continue to seek how to respond faithfully as followers of Jesus, in an email to pastors I have sent two prayers – one from the Rev. Dr. Laurie Ann Kraus and one from the Rev. Scotty Smith –  as well as information from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance which are available in these links.

Dear brothers and sisters, let us continue to pray for all who were touched by this tragedy and let us renew our efforts to be people of love and justice starting in our own homes and communities.

Yours in Christ, Hilda