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Every year, Nevada Presbytery Teaching Elders have the opportunity to report what on earth they are doing for heaven’s sake on the Active Clergy Report Form and where they are doing that service in the Minister Directory. The directory and the form for the report, which includes compensation information, is on the Reference Documents page at the Member Login link on the left.

Teaching Elders are encouraged to check the directory for their current information and update the stated clerk with any needed changes. Active Clergy are requested to submit their forms if they have not already from the previous mailing by April 28th to Ruling Elder Bruce Laird

[members]Minister Directory April 6, 2016

Please complete  the Active Clergy Report Form and e-mail directly to RE Laird at: or print and mail to him at: 8220 Wooden Windmill Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89131. Please write: ANNUAL TERMS OF CALL on the outside of the envelope. Please provide Elder Laird with this information no later than Monday, April 18, 2016.


Update, April 17, 2016

A mailing went out about the Minister Directory last week with good sport Adolph Kunen as one of the most interesting preachers in the world inviting updates to the directory and, optionally, flowers for the clerk:


JoanOptionalFlowersWell, Adolph exercised his option and sent flowers to our hard working clerk, Joan Jeffers.

Well played, sir, well played indeed.

Thanks to Jim Houston-Hencken for the most interesting preachers posters first seen at Presbytery and then on this website.

Photo of Joan Jeffers by Bob Jeffers.