The Presbytery of Sacramento‘s Pastoral Support Committee will host its popular Preaching Pastors’ Conference (pdf flyer) in collaboration with Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center on the shores of Lake Tahoe, May 2-4, 2016.

LakeTahoeThis is the 6th year of offering the 3-day training retreats designed for the preaching pastor to energize and gain new ideas for preaching and teaching the Bible to a diverse world. We will think theologically & spiritually toward fresh hearings of scripture – or in Reformed terms, become more attentive to the inner witness of the Holy Spirit; review biblical interpretation with practices toward fresh readings of old, familiar texts and focus on curiosity & question formation and have the Force with us!

A generous grant from the PC(USA) Mission Agency allows for two conferences to be sponsored each year during the spring and autumn seasons.  Those Ministers of the Word & Sacrament within Nevada Presbytery can take advantage of a $50 fee that includes registration, lodging and meals!  Many conferences like this cost more than $1,000 just for the registration, hotel room and food. This truly is a bargain! If you are a parishioner, please encourage your pastor to attend this or another upcoming Preaching Pastors’ Conference.  It is truly a time for study, reflection, and camaraderie in a serene setting.

You can register on-line with a link on this page before April 2, 2016. The next pastor’s conference is October 3-5, 2016. Registration is available for this conference as well.

– from a Presbytery Outlook email about the conference and Zepher Point Presbyterian Conference Center website