JesusGardenWindowEasterDear Brothers and Sisters in Nevada Presbytery,

With this Palm/Passion Sunday we enter Holy Week and once more focus our study and reflection on the events that are central to who we are as God’s people!  For pastors, this is such a busy week with special services, and the urgency of preparing to tell a familiar story in a way that is fresh and relevant.

Here are two resources that may provide some inspiration as you prepare for Easter Sunday!

The first is simply a parallel print-out of the gospel accounts of the resurrection on page one, and other passages in Scripture that speak of resurrection on page two.   It is helpful to look at the gospel accounts side-by-side, noting the following as a starting point:  What is unique in each account?  What is the same?  Who is present at the tomb?  What emotions are expressed?  Where is Jesus in each account?  What is the message to be shared?  Etc.    (This PDF handout is from the Presbyterian Mission Agency.)

The second is a collection of prayers for Easter services.

May God bless you as you study and reflect on the resurrection narratives.  May the Holy Spirit grant new insight and give you joy in your time of study, prayer and preparation.

Hilda Pecoraro, Presbytery Pastor