JoanReturnMarqueeIn a January 5, 2016 letter to Ruling Elder Scott Plummer, moderator of the Personnel Committee, Joan Jeffers Stated Clerk asked to rescind her resignation as Stated Clerk. In the letter, the clerk stated her situation and clerk’s position had changed so she was able to continue to serve. First unanimously approved by the Personnel Committee by email vote, Council accepted the request during its January meeting. Joan Jeffers continues as Presbytery of Nevada’s Stated Clerk.
[nonmembers]The full text of her letter is available to logged in members.[/nonmembers][members]The text of the letter follows:

Please accept this letter as my request to rescind my letter of resignation, submitted on August 21, 2015.

As you are aware, the primary reason for my decision to resign was based upon my husband’s health. I am thankful to say that Bob has recovered with the help of great doctors and new medicines. His improved health has given him a new outlook. I believe having the opportunity to meet everyone at Presbytery also made a difference. It gave him an understanding as to why I enjoy working at Presbytery. In fact, he enjoyed it so much he volunteered to serve on Council.

Personnel’s decision to increase the salary and the hours as well as having a Journal Clerk to assist me at Presbytery also played a big role in my desire to continue as Stated Clerk.

I look forward to being your Stated Clerk and assisting our Presbytery in any way I can.[/members]