During 2015, Henderson Presbyterian Church Food Bank fed 16,466 people, a number which is down from last year by almost 2000 clients.  This would seem to argue that the economy has grown stronger – until one factors in the 629 new families that visited in 2015.  HPC Food Bank continues to be a source of nutrition, hope and compassion for neighbors who, without help, would face the frightening aspect of true hunger.

The Food Bank is a haven for the 1,685 homeless people who came to its doors in the past year.  July was the busiest month:  1519 clients, 195 of them homeless, plus 71 new families.  HPC Food Bank spent $64,628.37 in 2015. $56,890.69 of that amount went to Three Square, the food distribution organization the Food Bank has been associated with since it opened in 2008.

The Food Bank is grateful to all of who contribute to its efforts and send a special thanks to Green Valley Presbyterian Church, Mountain View Presbyterian Church and the Presbytery of Nevada for their overwhelming support.


As Christians, we give great thought to resurrection, and the return to life; redemption, and the recovery of something lost, such as our faith; forgiveness and the ability to pardon another; and hope, or the expectation that what is desired will actually happen.

I believe that our Food Bank embodies these principles of our faith and that our volunteers bring them to life for our clients every time that we open our doors. 

I do need to remember, however, that most of my thirty volunteers are rapidly approaching – or have passed – their 70th birthday!  Both our work space and our physical strength are truly limited. 

As much as I would like to increase our capability to give, I believe that, quite honestly, we are doing now just what God intended for us to do.  Thank for believing that together we can indeed make a difference.

– Anne Mack, Food Bank Manager

photo from an Akron, Ohio food pantry