Heath Rada, Moderator of the 221st GeneralAssembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.),presents his “Call to the Church” — a request for a study of the form, function and mission of the PC(USA) (printed version of Call).  Take the survey online now! 

Below is from Time is Now – Join the Conversation on the PCUSA website.

In order to emerge as a healthy, vital denomination we need to hear from you concerning your own hopes, visions, and concerns about the PC(USA). Each congregation, each organization, each presbytery, each advocacy group, each individual member is critical to providing the kind of input that can help us deal with the realities we are facing in ways that might enable us to restore trust, be transparent, and most of all be faithful to the Lord and Savior we all adore and whom we wish to serve….


Please trust the process one more time. Please participate. If you don’t, we may not hear some very important facts or opinions that need to be placed on the table. Many people feel that God is giving us a Kairos moment. But it is up to us to accept it and do something with it.

PDF version of Call to the Church for printing and reading.