Hilda PortraitGrace and Peace to you, Presbytery of Nevada!

It is with great joy that I write to the faithful Presbyterians in our corner of the world. As you recall the Presbytery enthusiastically voted at our September meeting to create a new position within our Presbytery, the Presbytery Pastor or Pastor to Pastors.

Rev. Hilda Pecoraro has agreed to fill this position and the council has agreed that she is a wonderful choice. Join me in welcoming her with open arms! We are excited to see the Spirit work through her on behalf of our Presbytery in the days ahead.

As we discussed at the Presbytery meeting, Hilda will be contacting our pastors, praying for us, and will be a listening ear for us and our families. The specific job description is a working document, and we will be figuring it out as we go. Since this is a new position, please grant us grace as we dream up the way in which our Pastor will be pastor for us and as we draw the lines and create the boundaries for her service. And, please keep Hilda in prayer as she cares for us!

We know that Pastor Hilda will be an even greater blessing for Nevada Presbytery than she already is as she uses her amazing gifts in our midst. God’s peace and grace to you!

– Pastor Dana Pope

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[members]Rev. Pecoraro’s invites pastors to call or text her at 702-610-7123 or call her at home at:  702-612-5164. Her email is Hilda50@cox.net[/members]