dawson_barry_and_shelly_pc_072213_medium250PCUSA Mission Co-workers Rev. Dr. Barry Dawson and Shelly Dawson addressed the Presbytery about mission in Southeast Asia. They talked about great challenges and great faith they found among the people of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other countries of Southeast Asia.

The Presbytery was honored to have them and expressed their appreciation in a standing ovation and a $2.000 contribution after their witness and testimony to God’s working in Southeast Asia.

Friday, September 18th Update: Hello. We truly feel blessed to have been able to spend time with you and everyone at the Presbytery of Nevada Meeting. We would like to share the good news about Shelly. The doctors have decided that she does not need to have a biopsy, but instead follow her with CT scans. This can be done in Thailand. So we are now able to return to Bangkok this Monday. Thanks be to God, He is so great. Thank you for your prayers and we ask for your continued prayers. Can you please pass this on to others in your presbytery whom we would have met. Blessings, Barry and Shelly