Easter Week_CPC CardFriend of the Website, Ruling Elder Jim White, shares news of Christ Presbyterian Church in Gardnerville’s outreach in an email to the congregation that he passed on to the Presbytery website:

We mailed 1,000 direct Carrier-Route sorted “Celebrate the Miracle of Easter [with Us]” color post cards on Thursday afternoon (about 2:30 pm), to about 25% of the homes in the Gardnerville Ranchos.

The Reno USPS business manager and the replacement managers were both out due to illness, but the manager I worked with was very helpful and made sure the process was set up correctly.  The sorting normally is done overnight.  Although they could not promise a delivery date, they said they would try to get them out that night. Praise God!  The post cards were delivered Friday!

Thanks to Jim for reaching out to the community and the Presbytery via our website.

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