MarriageAmendScreenAt their March meeting at Green Valley Presbyterian Church in Henderson, Nevada, Nevada Presbytery voted on the amendments to the constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Here are the unaudited vote totals from that meeting.

14-1 Confession of Belhar NOT to Concur (21 For/33 Against)

14-A Renunciation of Jurisdiction NOT to Concur (10 For/44 Against)

14-B Special Committee to Review the Preparation for Ministry Process and Standard Ordination Exams, 14-B.1 Final Assessment and 14-B.2 Accommodations To Concur (47 For/7 Against)

14-C Child Protection Policy To Concur (51 For/3 Against)

14-D Minimum Composition of a Presbytery To Concur (51 For/3 Against)

14-E Interreligious Stance To Concur (31 For/23 Against)

14-F Marriage Not to Concur (11 For/43 Against)

Full text of the proposed amendments.