Nevada Presbytery has been offered access to Safe Gatherings training videos and registration website to evaluate their program for training of officers to prevent Sexual Abuse of Children and a an enhanced system of background checks.  Logged in members can use the information at the end of this post to login and try the system out.

From the Safe Gatherings website:

Safe Gatherings is the leading online abuse prevention and boundary awareness system for churches and congregations across North America. Every congregation has a responsibility to keep its children, youth, and vulnerable adults safe. Make sure your clergy, staff, and volunteers have quality training, background checks, and reference checks. Safe Gatherings increases protection for those who serve, those who are cared for, and your church.
Contact our Presbytery Clerk for login info, or Presbyters can check their email for a username and password.
To access Safe Gatherings, go to and click on the “Register Now” button.  On this initial registration page, to access the test account use the following information for evaluating the website:
Type of organization: Church or Congregation
Denomination: Methodist Church
State/Province: Kansas
City: Overland Park
Name of organization: Church and Ministry
Click on the “Next” button at the bottom of the page, and then go through the entire registration process, entering either actual or fictitious information. You can experiment to see what happens if you omit information, answer questions in different ways, etc.
Once you complete the registration section you will have access to the training course. The course that you will review is our general faith-based course. If your group wants to incorporate specific content or policies we can customize the course content or other Safe Gatherings components to meet your specific requirements through an Enterprise account.