Database of General Assembly

PC-biz is a web database that follows the progress of actions of the General Assembly. The database currently contains the history of the past 4 assemblies and will track all the items from 221st assembly as they are proposed and acted upon during the meeting in Detroit June 14-21.

PC-biz includes the text of the overtures and other recommendations that have been forwarded to the assembly – and it tracks the business as it moves through the assembly meeting, noting whether the recommendation was amended, approved, or disapproved. Finally, it serves as an archive or reference after the assembly has met.

Information and instructions for use of PC-Biz is at http://oga.pcusa.org/section/ga/ga221/pcbiz/

The actual database is at pc-biz.org

Follow the business of the Assembly with an iPhone app! Available on iTunes for Apple  iOS devices.